Three of Vienna’s best hotels


The Sacher is always my first choice of accommodation when visiting the charming city of Vienna. Being half Austrian I also consider it my second home. Its convenient location right on the edge of pedestrian shopping street Karnterstrasse is absolutely perfect. The hotel lobby still exudes old world charm, as if nothing has changed since it opened it doors in 1876. I always make sure that I book a room on the top two floors (6th and 7th) which are newly renovated and beautifully color coordinated and equipped with all the modern amenities you could possibly need. The service is rather ‘cold’ and could definitely use some improvement but with the world-famous Sacher Cafe and their chocolate cake right at my disposal via a secret back entrance, who am I to complain.

The Sacher lobby

The rooms on the 6th floor

The famous Sacher cafe

And last but not least....the famous Sacher torte.

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The Imperial is known as Vienna’s most luxurious hotel, and it definitely deserves the title. As soon as you walk into their intricate lobby, you feel like you are walking into a palace, which this hotel actually was in the past. The Palace Wurtemberg was turned into the Imperial Hotel in 1873.

The Imperial Hotel lobby

Its location on the Vienna Ringstrassse is a little further away from the lively Kartnerstrasse shopping street but still within walking distance.

The salon

If you love antiques and old world charm then this would definitely be the hotel for you. Now the only reason that this hotel is not on the top of my list is because too much of the  ‘old world charm’ actually spooks me out a little. Well, maybe a lot. On one of my stays, I simply couldn’t sleep because I felt the family portraits of little girls in their bonnets hanging on the walls were staring at me in an eerie way. Of course this was mostly caused by my overly active imagination, but still…..I’d rather not have old family portraits staring down at me while I sleep.

The suite living room (with the spooky portraits)

However, if you are a braver human being than me, this hotel is absolutely in a class of its own. You will definitely feel like kings and queens during your stay.

The Imperial Junior Suite

The deluxe room

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Although still a grand 5 star luxury hotel, you can tell that the Grand Hotel Wien’s interior is a little below the Imperial and Sacher. It is also located on the Ringstrasse and is within walking distance to the pedestrian street Kartnerstrasse. This hotel serves its purpose though, the rooms are nice and comfortable in shades of green without overdoing the ‘old world charm’ theme.

The rooms

Instead of old family portraits hanging on the wall, you have scenery of old Vienna. Service was good and they have a good Japanese restaurant in the hotel to help me with my craving of rice whenever needed.

The lobby

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